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I am actually surprised I have come to this point of my life. If anyone asked me 10 years ago what I would be doing today, it would definitely not be this. I pictured myself still in my career, having moved up the corporate ladder, working long hours crunching numbers, married and with children. I love numbers because the set of rules, everything is true or false, there is no room for error or thinking outside the box. Which is why sometimes it is so strange to me that I am where I am today. But then again, I have the type of personality that I have to be good at everything I do. When I was little girl, I always wanted to be a doctor, journalist, librarian or an actress. Well at least, I got the married with children part right.

I reside in the Houston area with my two children and husband, Minh. We purchased our first home the semester we were graduating from college. Sometimes, I still cringe thinking about some of the décor choices I made in our first home. Fast-forward five years later, we decided a bigger place was needed when our firstborn was 8 months old and purchased our second home. During the same time after months of consideration, making lists and going back & forth, I decided to quit my career as a financial controller with an oil & gas company that I had been with for 10 years so that I could stay home to raised our son, Bensen. Pretty soon after the big move, we discovered we were pregnant with our second blessing, Vera.

I found myself at home for the first time with no goals except keeping these two little humans alive. I started planning parties/hosting events and making crafts as a way for me to have goals and deadlines like I was accustomed to in my career. That is when I discovered my skills in home décor, crafting and event planning. This was my new outlet and an expression of myself. Being a mother and wife are my greatest joys in life, but these identities are contingent on my three love ones. There are multiple vague reasons why I started this website. But as soon as I hit the publish button, I felt a sense of re-birth. This is me. This is something of my very own. I’m back.


Last year’s holiday card. Photo taken by B. True Photograph.

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