Spring Time Mantel

It’s time to refresh your mantle for Spring! You probably noticed that I reuse pieces and find creative ways for staging them for each season. There is no need to purchase completely new pieces to decorate for every season. Shop for neutral pieces that can be used multiple ways. Then select a few seasonal items for the season.

The spring items were purchased at Hobby Lobby.

  • Wood Grain Bunny
  • Wooden Bunny with Hay Bow
  • Moss Bunny with Burlap Bow
  • Miniature Green Bunnies
  • Mint Green Bamboo Basket
  • Easter Eggs with Nest

And a little side note… I realized I’ve been using Mantle my entire life instead of Mantel!!!! It seems to be a common mistake among everyone! Definitions:

Mantle – A cloak

Mantel – A shelf that projects from a wall above the fireplace





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