Ugly Sweater Party

On Saturday, one of my best friends hosted an Ugly Sweater Party for the moms in our neighborhood. Of course, I had to make a DIY Ugly Sweater. I literally spent over two hours at Hobby Lobby one day because I initially picked out beautiful items, then returned them to their shelves and proceeded to select items that I usually would not pick to decorate. It was so hard! I kept cycling back to nice items until I finally put most of them all back and went to Dollar Tree. I was in and out of Dollar Tree in 10 mins for items to make the sweater!

My friend also asked me to make the photo booth for the party. What a fun way to add more laughter to the party! For the photo booth, the supplies I used were:

  • two tri-fold poster boards
  • wrapping paper
  • adhesive spray (use to adhere the wrapping paper on the poster boards)
  • masking tape
  • flat dowels to keep the boards straight
  • exacto knife to cut out the hole for the frames
  • frames and decorative items from Goodwill
  • cardboard box to make the outline of the fireplace
  • construction paper to make the fireplace details
  • hot glue gun





ugly-sweater ugly-sweater-7-1

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